Shaghayegh Naghdi

Shaghayegh received her Masters Degree in Organic Chemistry (2008) from Kharazmi University of Iran-Tehran, working on Synthesis and Characterization of novel thermally stable Poly (ether-amide)s. After finishing her master she worked in the industry for 5 years as a Quality Control manager. She then moved to Vienna University of Technology, Austria to start her PhD in the group of Molecular Materials Chemistry.

Shaghayegh’s research focuses on synthesis of mixed-ligand MOFs, followed by selective ligand removal (e.g. via selective oxidation, thermal degradation or dissolution) to design novel hierarchical microporous-mesoporous MOFs that facilitate reactant diffusion as well as induce uncoordinated centers as potential catalytic sites for photocatalytic applications and conversion efficiency for H2 formation and CO2 reduction and water purification.  She is also interested in characterization of MOF materials with dedicated gas adsorption studies.



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November 2004: Student Conference Awards (StCA), Iran University of Science and Technology in 9th Iranian National Chemical Engineering Congress