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Meet and Greet with Christiana Hörbiger

The Christiana HÖRBIGER Prize is awarded to promote the international mobility of young scientists in Austria. This year the awards were already announced in the month of March. On 23rd of May, a ‘Meet and Greet with Ms. Christiana Hörbiger’ was organized with the opportunity to meet her in person. Since our colleague Sreejith P. Nandan is one of the scholarship holders, he was invited to participate. In the presence of Rector Sabine Seidler, Vice-Rector Johannes Fröhlich, the scholarship holders had the opportunity to get to know each other and particularly Ms. Christiana Hörbiger personally, to exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere about the stays abroad and their scientific relevance, and to personally thank the sponsor for her support.

Sreejith would like to thank once again the organizers for arranging the same, and Ms. Christiana Hörbiger specially for being so kind and for turning up for the interaction programme.

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