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Best Teaching Awards 2019

On Thursday, 13 June 2019, TU Vienna's Best Teaching Awards were presented for the third time. The award was given for special commitment in the field of teaching. The winners were selected from a pool of more than 1,700 nominations. Per faculty, two categories were awarded, as well as special prize for external teachers.

In the Faculty of Technical Chemistry, the Best Teacher Award 2019 & Best Lecture Award 2019 went to the Institute of Material Chemistry:

  • Best Teacher Award 2019 for Univ.Ass. Mag.rer.nat. Dr.rer.nat. Christoph Rameshan

  • Best Lecture Award 2019 for Univ.Prof. Mag.rer.nat. Dr.rer.nat. Dominik Eder

More info:

Univ. Ass. Dr. Christoph Rameshan and Prof. Dominik Eder with their awards

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