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Mxenes and co-catalysts

Photocatalysis is a promising way for renewable and green hydrogen generation by using sunlight to split water. Jasmin and Alexey's research focuses on TiO₂ nanoparticles covered with Ni, Fe, Cu, Co and Mn oxides as well as novel two dimensional materials: MXenes.

In this research project TiO₂ was investigated as a photocatalyst covered by a wet impregnation method, with Fe, Ni, Mn, Cu and Co oxides as co-catalysts for the enhancement of oxygen evolution reaction (OER) and hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). This revealed that Ni and Cu are active for both half reactions (OER and HER) while Fe and Co just showed activity towards OER. XPS data revealed that the active Ni species changed from Ni²⁺ to metallic Ni after the HER.








MXenes are novel 2D materials with an outstanding potential as photocatalysts and/or co-catalysts to enhance OER and HER. MXenes are highly tunable materials due to specific surface functionalization, where the properties can be changed from metallic conductivity to  semiconductor behavior. The main research focuses on the synthesis and characterisation of novel MXene material to perform as photocatalyst for H₂ generation .









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