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Alexey Cherevan



Samar received her Bachelor Degree in Inorganic/Analytical Chemistry (2017) from Quaid-I-Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan. The same year she was awarded with a Scholarship from Graduate School of Science and Engineering of Bilkent University and moved to the Turkey to pursue her Master degree in Chemistry which she obtained in 2020. She was then offered a PhD fellowship from Vienna University of Technology, Austria (2020) under Austrian Science Fund (FWF) where until now she works in the group of Molecular Materials Chemistry as a project assistant.

Current research

Samar’s research interests broadly involve materials chemistry specifically synthesis and characterization of functional inorganic and hybrid materials including semiconductors, organic-inorganic hybrids, nanocarbon and ceramics as well as chalcogen-based molecular compounds including polyoxometalates, polythiometalates and transition metal complexes relevant to a variety of energy-related applications.

Currently, her project involves the combination of heterogeneous and homogeneous fields of photocatalysis where she tries to combine advantages of solid-state oxide photocatalysts such as stability and robustness with high selectivity and flexibility of molecular-sized artificial homogeneous systems.

She is  involved in the following MMC group projects:



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