• Greta Haselmann

  • Oliver Winter
    PhD Student (10/2013-09/2017)


  • Paul Gebhardt
    PhD Student and PostDoc (2012-2017)
    Nano-structuring of zeolites and cobalt oxide with nanocarbons and block-copolymers


  • Dennis Dieterle
    PhD Student


  • Nina Kemnade
    PhD Student (10/2015)
    Interfacial charge transfer processes in nanocarbon-metal oxide hybrids


  • Tobias Dörr
    Master Student (04/2015)
    Gyroidal mesoporous transition metal oxides and nitrides: synthesis and photocatalytical evaluation


  • Stephanie Melchers
    Master Student (09/2014)
    PhD student (10/2014-09/2015)


  • Robert Moldenhauer
    Master Student (09/2014)
    PhD student (10/2014-09/2015)


  • Dr. Cameron Shearer
    Postdoctoral research associate (03/2012-03/2014)


  • Aya Fujii
    visiting Master sudent (10/2013-12/2013)


  • Jessica Farwick
    M.Sc student (06/2013):
    NMR characterization of mesoporous bioactive glasses


  • Christoph "Wisi" Wiesian
    M.Sc student (02/2013):
    Magnetically seprable photocatalysts


  • Ann-Christin "Anne" Bijlard
    M.Sc student (10/2012)
    Characterisation of photocatalytic decomposition of pharmaceuticals on nanocarbon based hybrid materials


  • Dr. Li Li
    PhD student
    - Mesoporous metal oxides for electrochromism
    - Graphene-inorganic hybrids for photocatalysis


  • Zhibin "Ben" Ren
    MPhil student (01/2010-06/2010)
    Graphene-zeolite hybrid materials for photocatalytic waste-water purification


  • Bronwen Derry
    Part-III student (01/2010-06/2010)
    Carbon nanotube-inorganic hybrids for dye-sensitised solar cells


  • Dr. Methira Krissanasaeranee
    PhD student (10/2008-02/2010)
    New sol-gel precursors for nanostructured metal oxides and zeolites


  • Seda Aksel
    Summer/MPhil student (06/2009-09/2009)
    Catalytic effects of metal oxides on thermal oxidation of carbon nanotubes


  • Henrik T. Gøbel
    MPhil student (11/2008-07/2009)
    Carbon nanotube–lead oxide hybrids for electrochemical storage devices


  • Heung-Goo Lee
    MPhil student (11/2008-07/2009)
    Carbon nanotube-inorganic hybrid materials for heterogeneous catalysis


  • Henry S. Begg
    Part-III student (01/2009-05/2009)
    Magnetic chromium-oxide hybrid structures


  • Laura Kipfstuhl (summer student)

  • Stelios Neocleus (MPhil student)

  • Lei Zhou (MPhil student)

  • Rachel V. Knowler (Part-III student)

  • Xun "Sean" Lu (MPhil student)

  • Su-Ann Nair (MPhil student)

  • Hannah Mangold (Part-III student)

  • Stuart Henderson (Part-III student)